"These are dream."
- actress Chloë Grace Moretz
"Today Babor continued the barrier
breaking theme, revealing a
completely unretouched campaign."
"This skincare brand just took a
huge stand against
"This skincare campaign wasn't
photoshopped and the gorgeous
results will floor you."


"More beauty brands are
shifting away from retouched
photos in ad campaigns."
BABOR will relaunch
its ampoules this year
and add two more options.
"Half naked women
of all ages star in
unretouched campaign."
"BABOR celebrates women
with new
AWP X BABOR Collaboration."


"They’re on a mission to show that
all women should feel positive about
themselves, no matter how old
they are, how they look or
where they’re from."
Beauty brand Babor have put
together a campaign, and it’s
absolutely stunning.
It’s also gloriously diverse.
"Relocating its North American
headquarters to Delray Beach,
as a result of the
company’s growth and performance
in the last 24 months."
A tiny multi-tasker,
they plump the skin with
collagen-boosting peptides.


"I think of my collection
of Babor Ampoules as
my first-aid face kit."
"I’ve also been using these
little Babor Ampoules that
have truffle in them,
and I really like how
they make my face feel."
"Fans of Doctor Babor
products include
Chloë Grace Moretz
and Mindy Kaling. "