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VIP LIVE SHOPPING EVENT JOIN US LIVE, 5/26 AT 7:00 PM EST EXPERT ADVICE. LIVE Q&A + DEMONSTRATION.BABOR Medical Advisor and board-certified Dermatologist, Dr. Roberta Del Campo will share expert advice on the most powerful and effective active ingredients. Plus, get FREE gifts with purchase with a code ONLY available to viewers!

MINERAL SUNSCREEN SPF 30 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES WHAT IT ISThis clean formulation & light non-nano mineral blend contains skin protecting ingredients to shield against UV radiation, combat dehydration and strengthen skin’s barrier. BENEFITS• UVA/UVB protection
• Moisturizes without greasy residue + calms, soothes and protects
• Reef safe
HYALURONIC ACID POWER SERUM AMPOULES FOR DEHYDRATED SKIN & LOSS OF VOLUME WHAT IT IS A GLOBAL FIRST: HYALURONIC ACID POWER SERUM AMPOULESThese ampoules combine 8 different types of Hyaluronic Acid with a tripeptide that work together to help the skin stimulate its own hyaluronic acid formation.HIGH-PERFORMANCE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS• 8D Hyaluronic Acid: Intensely hydrates all layers of the skin
• Tripeptide: Helps the skin to stimulate its own hyaluronic acid formation
RESULTS • Intensely hydrates all layers of the skin
• Plumps
• Helps skin stimulate its own hyaluronic acid formation
• Improves skin elasticity with long-lasting results
VITAMIN C POWER SERUM AMPOULES FOR TIRED, UNEVEN SKIN WHAT IT ISSupply the skin with 20% vitamin C and skin-identical linolenic acid to make it look smoother and evenly radiant, generating an instant glow effect. The highly effective ingredients balance the skin tone and visibly reduce lines and wrinkles in just one week.HIGH-PERFORMANCE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS• 20% advanced-strength Vitamin C (3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid): A stable form of vitamin c that brightens skin and evens skin tone.• Linoleic acid & 2D Hyaluronic Acid: Very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid modified by alpha linoleic acid that acts as a highly effective anti- pigmentation agent.RESULTS• Brightening Skin
• Anti-Wrinkle
• Protection against external environmental factors
BETA-GLUCAN POWER SERUM AMPOULES FOR IRRITATED, STRESSED SKIN WHAT IT IS Combine 2D hyaluronic acid with soothing beta-glucan and microsilver to help reduce skin irritation and the look of redness HIGH-PERFORMANCE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS• Beta-glucan: Soothes and strengthens
• Microsilver: Helps reduce the look of redness and irritation
• 2D Hyaluronic Acid: Intensely hydrates
RESULTS • Boosts skins natural resistance against stressors
• Helps to calm, soothe and reduce skin irritations
• Intensely hydrate & supports delivery of power actives
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