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1956 Foundation as a “biomedical cosmetics business” by Dr. Michael BABOR / invention of first product: HY-ÖL®
THE COMPANY’S BEGINNINGS In 1956, Dr. Michael Babor moved his operations from Munich to the Rhine and founded the professional DR. BABOR cosmetics company by registering it in the Cologne commercial register. BABOR’s success story began with the company’s first headquarters at Sülzgürtel 38 in Cologne.

The date was March 29, 1955 when Dr. Michael Babor registered “HY-ÖL®” with the German Patent and Trademark Office under the reference number 684791. We broke new ground with the launch of this product, as it was the first time hydrophilic—or water-friendly—oils were used in cosmetic skincare with HY-ÖL®. The cleansing skin treatment was a sweeping success—and the HY-ÖL® evolved into the cornerstone of our business. The brand HY-ÖL® is still under trademark protection today, and the product is one of BABOR’s absolute bestsellers.

The Vossen family purchases the company and relocates it to Aachen. Dr. Leo Vossen gives BABOR its distinctive iconic rose design. 1960
BABOR IN FAMILY HANDS A new era began for BABOR in the 1960s—Dr. Leo Vossen recognized what tremendous potential for development the innovative idea of the BABOR brand held. Following the departure of Dr. Michael Babor, the company became wholly owned by the family in 1965. They had realized early on that there was a growing trend toward highly effective active ingredients sourced from nature. From Dr. Babor’s biomedical natural cosmetics range, they managed to launch an impressive range of products on the niche market of skincare cosmetics institutes.

The product portfolio is further developed under the new management, and new cleansing products are added to the range of natural cosmetics. The era of the superpowers is also the era of the super skincare range. BABOR tailors it to the skin as a systematic skincare program. The number of employees increases. By the 1960s, marketing and advertising are already central areas of operations.


The value of a globally comprehensible brand and logo for BABOR was recognized early on by the marketing pioneer Dr. Leo Vossen. The black rose is known around the world as a symbol for rare and absolute beauty. The precious rose is the perfect and unmistakable hallmark for beauty products of the highest quality. As another distinct feature of the BABOR brand, Dr. Vossen establishes mirrors as “guides to beauty” in the 1960s.

1970 At its new location in Aachen, the company has some renovation and modernization work done. / Our iconic ampoule celebrates its debut.
NEW PREMISES IN AACHEN With the company’s growing success and expansion around the world, the current headquarters in Turpinstrasse was starting to become overcrowded, making relocation essential. The old location didn’t have enough storage space, production facilities, and offices for the growing workforce.

Comprehensive planning for investments in new production, storage, and office space became necessary, and the Aachen-Eilendorf business park on Neuenhofstrasse offered the ideal conditions. Construction of the new building thus commenced in 1976 and the company moved in 1977. Perfectly situated at the new site: the grounds provided the opportunity for further expansion that BABOR also took advantage of in the years to come.

The 2 ml glass vials are our trademark today—the BABOR ampoules are commonly referred to as world champions. Their effect is still unrivalled today: ongoing research and a sophisticated production process make sure of this. Right before being filled, every ampoule is melted at 1,000 degrees, kept sterile during the filling process, and sealed airtight once filled. As such, germs don’t stand a chance, and the use of preserving agents can be minimized. Our ampoules are now available in more than 70 countries.

In the 1970s, our portfolio focused on product ranges to prepare and nourish the skin. Apart from our SUPER range, we were able to tap into new market segments with our makeup products and suncare cosmetics.

Existing products were already subjected to constant inspection back in the 1970s, and our new developments were thoroughly tested. Quality standards were developed and continuously optimized. In-house research and development was and is supported by numerous contacts to universities and colleges, in particular RWTH Aachen University. Since the 1970s, the products have been—and are still—developed in our own company. Of course, according to globally recognized and proven standards.

BABOR enters the world stage with international partners and subsidiaries. The opening of its own training center marks yet another milestone. 1980
THE FIRST TRAINING CENTER 1983 turns into a real milestone for BABOR: in order to be able to able to provide even more BABOR customers around the world with comprehensive advice, we opened our first training center on our company premises in Aachen. And it was a complete success: More and more beauty experts and specialist retailers from all over the world were trained with each passing year. By 1986, nearly 500 individuals had already taken part in a total of 30 seminars—

Thus ensuring optimal use of the high-quality, consultation-intensive cosmetics.

BABOR continues to grow in the 1980s. Operational and administrative facilities on the company premises in Aachen were thus adapted to the new challenges, and the built area was expanded by 11nd the floor area by 37
The export list is expanded. The reunification of Germany had noticeable impacts on politics and on the economy too, opening a new market for us: the East. Visiting a beauty expert was already a matter of course in the East, meaning the rate of acceptance among cosmetics institutes was much higher there.

1990 Management of the company in the second generation and opening of the first US spa in Florida / we are pioneers in sustainability thanks to our own initiatives.
SPA BUSINESS The cosmetics and wellness business went through a real boom in the 1990s. That’s why we boldly and consistently expanded our range of services. Opening our first BABOR INSTITUTE in Palm Beach, Florida, in 1997 was a game-changer for us and marked the start of our international SPA Business, designed to offer a holistic wellness and skincare concept worldwide in the future.

This was followed by the first European BABOR Institute in Aachen in 1999. On over two floors, it offered head-to-toe beauty and wellness programs based on the holistic BABOR SPA concept. As an exclusive day SPA, these institutes served as the prototypes for the perfect institute.

The HSR®—High Skin Refiner range was relaunched in 1997. In 1986, our BABOR scientist created a series to diminish the traces of time in a novel way and effectively prevent the formation of new wrinkles and fine lines. Since then the TSR jar has hardly changed in the range. It was and still is a real eye-catcher.

We were given numerous awards in the 1990s for our products and services: including the Professional Beauty Award in the “Nourishing Cosmetics” category. Our lasting and growing success that continues to this day is based on the ongoing optimization of our operations and work conditions in Aachen.

In the 1990s, we launched our first refill jar and dedicated ourselves to waste management and water microfiltration at a time when sustainability was sneered at. Sustainable strategies have been a part of our company philosophy ever since.

A new era! BABOR continues to expand and reinvent itself: a new brand image now showcases the products and institute in a more elegant manner. 2000
BABOR GOES INTERNATIONAL BABOR’s international quest picks up pace: By the 2000s, subsidiary companies and distributors represent BABOR in more than 70 countries, ranging from India to Indonesia and Spain and South Africa. Every year in autumn, the international world of BABOR descends on one location for an inspiring conference to discuss the most important plans and goals.

Skilled international trainers jet all over the world throughout the year to assist global partners.

The list of BABOR SPA partners keeps on growing. In the 2000s, the BABOR SPA concept was offered in many first-class hotels throughout the world, such as in Miami, Spain, or Dubai, to name but a few luxury destinations.

We were already able to win over many of our customers with the invention of the HY-ÖL® and ampoule. Further beauty innovations followed in the 2000s. The SeaCreation Cream, an absolute high-end product with deep-sea active ingredients, was released in 2003. In 2009, we launched our DOCTOR BABOR range. Even if we’ve seen ourselves as DOCTOR BABOR since our foundation, the newly launched line is setting new standards thanks to its high level of efficacy, as if prescribed by a doctor.

As one of the first cosmetics companies, BABOR already had an online presence by 1996. We always kept up with the times and created a website to offer added value to end consumers and warehouse partners. The website is constantly being updated.

We have always been involved in a broad array of activities beyond the world of cosmetics. That’s why we have always taken responsibility and promoted social, cultural, and sports activities in our hometown of Aachen and beyond.

2010 BABOR is brought up to modern standards and digitally transformed. Jutta Klein-Tebbe’s son and Dr. Leo Vossen’s daughter continue to manage the family-run company in the third generation.
BABOR IN TRANSITION In the 2010s, we open up countless opportunities thanks to ever-developing digitalization. We remain true to the brand’s DNA, its secret to beauty: science, precision, effectiveness, and Made in Germany.

The traditional distribution channel via first-rate cosmetic institutes is combined with a symbiotic multichannel strategy that focuses on SPAs, retail partnerships, and e-commerce.

2014 was a time of change: After many years of service on the board of directors, Jutta Kleine-Tebbe and Leo Vossen step back from their activities. Jutta Klein-Tebbe’s son, Dr. Martin Grablowitz, and Dr. Leo Vossen’s daughter, Isabel Bonacker, have been members of the board of directors since 2013 and now head up the business, carrying the family company into the third generation. And successfully: sales more than triple since their start with the company. The BABOR BEAUTY GROUP has evolved from the core company BABOR.

We invested 20 million euros in “The Curve” headquarters in May 2017. The building’s name is derived from its unique and curvy design. 5,500 square meters of usable space were built here, as well as a state-of-the-art logistics and office building. Space for the growing sales force and a new training area were provided, with the latter serving as the first point of contact for our international beauty experts coming to be further trained.

The geothermal plant in The Curve allows geothermal energy to be harnessed for us to use 1002010reen power. Every product that leaves the production site in Aachen was developed and produced based on strict sustainability guidelines.

A cosmetics factory named the “BABOR Beauty Cluster” is designed in line with high standards of sustainability. The BABOR brand is spruced up. 2020
NEW INITIATIVES For BABOR, sustainability has always been a part of the corporate philosophy. The 2020s are marked by many sustainability initiatives: The first tree is planted in the BABOR forest measuring 100,000 square meters in size and with space for 30,000 trees. Bees are brought to the BABOR bioreserve.

The brand identity is fine-tuned in 2022 with the modernization of the logo with sleek lettering. The slogan “EXPERT SKINCARE. MADE IN GERMANY” is created. It highlights our commitment to quality and tradition. The rose was removed from the lettering and instead integrated into the label. Just like the mirror appears in the label again—“back to the roots.” After all, Dr. Leo Vossen selected it in the 1960s as a distinctive mark to recognize the BABOR brand.

In 2023, our new 650 square meter production and logistics facility—one of the most sustainable cosmetics factories in the world—opened. Half a million cosmetics products are produced here every day. Sustainable and Made in Germany.
All building structures meet the KfW 40 energy efficiency standard. This means the BABOR BEAUTY CLUSTER is a high-efficiency building that consumes 60 percent less energy than required by law.


We have a lot planned! We’ve set the following goals for the coming years:

By 2025:
Reduce carbon emissions by 50Clean Standard for all BABOR Skincare products
By 2030:
Be an “all-electric factory” (i.e., self-powered factory)

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