BABOR produces exclusively in Germany.

This is good for the quality of our products. And for the environment.




BABOR already produces CO2 neutral today. This is possible thanks to the purchase of green electricity and our own photovoltaic system. Certified suppliers ensure that only the best "green" raw materials are used. The water used in the production process is purified in a state-of-the-art microfiltration plant. Thus it has drinking water quality and can be recycled e.g. as cooling water. All glass jars also come from certified suppliers and are 100 percent recyclable.

BABOR also relies on sustainability technology in its office buildings and saves 45% energy in its newly built headquarters – thanks to geothermal energy, a gas-fired combined heat and power unit (CHP), special cooled ceilings and a heat exchanger on the roof.

Ultimately, a green courier then delivers the finished cream. Thanks to the cooperation with DHL, it is also CO2 neutral. For shorter distances, he even uses the company's own BABOR electric car. And if the BABOR team has to travel further distances, a compensation is made: The company offsets all business flights via atmosfair.