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NEW Protect Your SkinAgainst Stress
Our new Cleanformance Stress Defense Mushroom Cream – inspired by traditional Chinese medicine – is your skin's daily defense against stress. The Stress Defense Mushroom Cream is meticulously crafted with our Antioxidation Complex and Microbiome Complex, shielding and protecting fragile skin from the adverse effects of stress—the result - is a visibly more balanced and revitalized complexion.Benefits of the Stress Defense Mushroom Cream:
  • Protects the skin from stress factors
  • Supports the skin’s natural resilience against environmental stress
  • Helps maintain the skin’s balance
  • Revitalizes the skin
  • Supports the reduction of expression lines
Microbiome Complex
Combination of pre- and probiotics
Antioxidation Complex
Combination of 3% Reishi, 1% Chaga, 2% Shiitake and 1% Ginseng root extracts
In den WarenkorbCLEANFORMANCEStress Defense Mushroom CreamResistance-boosting face cream - 97% natural ingredients $69.00*
CLEANFORMANCE Stress Defense Mushroom Cream
92% confirm skin that is instantly revitalized.**82% confirm an improved resistance of the skin to external stress factors.**"
Pre- and probiotics Help balance the microbiome and strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier.
2% shiitake extract Helps protect the skin against sensitive reactions and strengthen its natural defenses.
1% ginseng extract Restores the skin’s vitality, reinvigorating it.
CLEAN. VEGAN. CRUELTY-FREE. The ingredients of the Cleanformance Stress Defense Mushroom Cream consist of 97% natural ingredients.
*' Self-assessment by 78 test subjects over a period of 4 weeks. Application frequency: The test product was applied to the face, neck, and décolleté twice a day.
' Self-assessment by 76 test subjects after the first application: The test product was applied to the face, neck, and décolleté.
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