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MY SKIN, MY STORY What’s yours? We live in a world obsessed with perfectionism. Our skin – the largest organ we have – does not always perfectly align with this obsession. But that is precisely why it makes us so unique and reveals so much about us. A skincare routine that is perfectly tailored to our skin requirements ensures visible results. In “MY SKIN, MY STORY”, our subjects take you along on their skincare journey and reveal how they celebrate their individuality.
DORENTINA Skin condition: Impurities & inflammation
More about Dorentina’s story
MAURELY Skin condition: Oily skin & imperfections
More about Maurely’s story
LAURA Skin condition: Blemished skin after childbirth
More about Laura’s story
MONIKA Skin condition: Blemished skin due to hormonal changes
More about Monika’s story
SAMANTHA Skin condition: Eczema
More about Samantha’s story
DALILA Skin condition: Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
More about Dalila’s story
KADIR Skin condition: Accident scars
More about Kadir’s story
EVANNA Skin condition: Blemished skin caused by stress
More about Evanna’s story
START YOUR SKIN STORY NOW Are you struggling with the condition of your skin? Then visit one of our BABOR institutes and get advise on which care products are best suited to your skin needs. Find your nearest BABOR Beauty Institute and let our experts advise you.
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