• Line Correcting Pencil
  • Line Correcting Pencil
  • Line Correcting Pencil
Line Correcting Pencil


Line Correcting Pencil

Contents: 1 g

Crisp, clear lines for perfect lips.

180 b.Points

A long-lasting, correcting pencil for the eye and lip areas.

It corrects a range of irregularities, e.g. in the lip and eye areas. It outlines the lips and the lower lash line and also conceals fine lines, spider veins and mild redness.

Line Correcting Pencil conceals fine lines and wrinkles, enhances the luminosity of eye and lip make-up, conceals redness on the lower lid, makes the eyes look more wide awake, corrects the lip line, visibly fills in fine lines around the mouth and prevents lipstick from feathering into the creases.

To conceal fine lines and wrinkles, apply directly to the lines.
To correct an uneven lip line, simply trace the lip line with the pencil.
To even out redness on the lower lid, apply the pencil directly along the lower lash line.
Tip: Before plucking your eyebrows, it helps to trace the upper and lower contour of the brow clearly before removing individual hairs.

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