Camouflage Fixing Powder


Camouflage Fixing Powder

Contents: 20 g

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What It Is

Camouflage Fixing Powder is a highly effective setting powder for use with Camouflage Cream. Fixes and mattifies.


This specially developed, loose powder is used to set Camouflage Cream.

Key Ingredients

The texture of the powder was specially designed for use with Camouflage Cream. It guarantees extreme durability, a reliable, matte finish and makes the camouflage sweat-proof, smudge-proof and waterproof.

How To Use

Cleanse the skin, apply a daytime moisturizer and allow to absorb before gently blotting the skin with a paper towel.
Camouflaging: Using your fingertips, apply CAMOUFLAGE CREAM to the areas of skin to be covered up and gently pat into the skin. Apply over a large area and blend in at the edges. If you need to camouflage more extensive areas, apply to the entire face.
Setting: Apply a generous dusting of CAMOUFLAGE FIXING POWDER and leave for 10 minutes to take effect. Carefully remove any excess with a brush.
Removing: Apply HY-ÖL® to the areas you have camouflaged and smooth carefully over the skin before removing with paper towels. Then cleanse, as usual, with HY-ÖL® and the respective PHYTOACTIVE.

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