Limited-Edition: Waterproof Mascara Volumizing & Lengthening


Limited-Edition: Waterproof Mascara Volumizing & Lengthening

Contents: 13 ml

Waterproof volume mascara in black.

330 b.Points

A waterproof volume mascara that thickens, envelops and lengthens eyelashes for intense power volume. No smearing or running!

Can also be applied in several layers as desired. The irregularly arranged bristles of the fiber brush apply the mascara and comb the eyelashes at the same time. The result is a voluminous look without sticky eyelashes.

The choice is easy: This mascara offers reliable water resistance and full volume at the same time.

Place brush horizontally under the lash line and press lightly, pull in zigzag movements up to the tips – repeat 3 times.
Remove with a oil-based cleanser, e.g. HY-ÖL.

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