BABOR SPA – the luxurious body care range – combines exceptional wellness fragrances with silky-smooth textures and exclusive active ingredients derived from plant stem-cell extracts. Thanks to these select active ingredients, the products in the BABOR SPA range feel pleasant on the skin and provide a high-performance, anti-aging experience. The various exclusive fragrances create unique moments of indulgence and an all-encompassing, luxurious SPA experience for body, mind and soul.

Balancing Cashmere Wood

BABOR SPA BALANCING CASHMERE WOOD promotes inner strength and boosts the skin’s resistance. Stem cell extracts obtained from the champagne pear strengthen defense mechanisms in the skin cells and provide intensive protection against environmental stress and premature skin aging. The warm, wellness fragrance obtained from various woods and cashmere totally balances body, mind and soul, and leaves the skin incomparably supple, velvety-soft and balanced.

Shaping for body

BABOR SPA SHAPING FOR BODY contains a subtle wellness fragrance based on the latest knowledge gained from plant stem cell research, and offers a unique SPA experience. Active, anti-aging ingredients obtained from stem cells of the fruits of the wild service tree (sorbus torminalis) help promote firmer, tighter skin and a refined, re-sculpted silhouette. BABOR SPA body care products with an anti-aging effect helps protect against premature skin aging and environmental stress and allows you to enjoy incomparable moments of indulgence.

Energizing Lime Mandarin

Stem cell extracts obtained from the champagne pear helps protect against premature skin aging and helps protect the skin against negative environmental stress. An invigorating fragrance made from fruity mandarin and tangy citrus lime has a revitalizing effect on body, mind and soul and acts like refreshing wake-up call in the morning. The skin is left looking smoother, firmer and intensely moisturized.

Relaxing Lavender Mint

RELAXING LAVENDER MINT envelops the skin with precious skincare ingredients and promotes a sense of total inner calm. The delicate fragrance composition of lavender and mint has a relaxing effect and soothes body, mind and soul. This relaxing treatment leaves the skin looking smooth and protects effectively against premature skin aging and environmental stress.