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Cleansing Foam


Cleansing Foam

Contents: 200 ml

A refreshing foaming cleanser for all skin types.

350 b.points

A light and refreshing cleansing foam that binds dirt particles on the skin.

Advanced anti-aging, pore-reducing foaming cleanser specially formulated to gently remove excess oil and makeup without disturbing skin’s protective barrier and drying skin. Leaves skin clear and radiant and a complexion that is even and refined.

The foam binds dirt particles on the skin. Detoxifying agrimonia eupatoria acts as a natural astringent while protecting skin from irritating environmental stressors. Apple Fruit and Birch Extract have potent antioxidant effect, while Rosemary calms and soothes skin. 

Shake before use. Spray the propellant-free foam into the palm of your hand. As you spray, the liquid converts into a creamy foam. Smooth over the skin using circling movements. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water.

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