Active Purifier Ampoule Sheet Mask


Active Purifier Ampoule Sheet Mask

Contents: 1 pieces

A sheet mask paired with an Active Purifier ampoule treatment for blemish prone and problematic skin.


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Contains 1x Mask

A highly effective combination of BABOR Ampoule Concentrates and exclusive sheet masks for maximum results.

When the freshness capsule is activated, the powerful active ingredients of the ampoule and sheet mask are combined. If used regularly, the Active Purifier Mask helps to fight the bacteria that causes congestion and to prevent impurities, thanks to the combination of shale oil, tea tree oil, salicylic acid and zinc. The skin appears clearer and congestion appears reduced. Tip: Apply at the start and end of your Active Purifier ampoule treatment.

Shale oil: Inhibits bacterial growth; supports the healing process for skin blemishes
Tea-tree oil: inhibits bacterial and fungal growth
Salicylic acid: loosens dead skin cells
Zinc: Antibacterial

1. Cleanse your face using your BABOR cleansing products.
2. To open the ampoule freshness capsule, fold over the top section of the mask sachet, as shown, at the point marked on the front of the sachet.
3. Hold the sachet upside down and, using both thumbs, press the bottom of the capsule firmly to release the concentrate into the mask. It will make a sound when released.
4. Keep holding the sachet upside down and press the contents of the ampoule freshness capsule into the sachet. Gently knead the sachet to mix the concentrate with the mask.
5. Remove the mask from the sachet, unfold it and place it on your cleansed face. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes to take effect. Then remove the mask, pat the remaining concentrate into your skin and then apply your face cream.

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