Contents: 50 ml

Luxurious serum


What It Is

A luxurious serum, suitable for all skin types.


SeaCreation helps provide effective protection against premature skin aging, helps support the skin’s own anti-aging functions and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of aging. Leaves skin looking firmer, smoother, fresher and feeling more youthful.

Key Ingredients

BABOR has researched the depths of the oceans in order to harness highly valuable active cosmetic ingredients for SeaCreation THE CREAM. The effective protein Glycocéane GP3, high-energy BABOR thermophilus and an exclusive green caviar algae extract are combined in the Sea-telligent Complex to assist with an all-around anti-aging effect.

How To Use

Apply serum to the skin and press into the skin using the flat of your hands. Leave on to take effect, then apply the corresponding SeaCreation cream.

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