Moisture Plus Serum


Moisture Plus Serum

Contents: 30 ml

Added moisture for any skin type


What it is

A concentrated moisturizing serum for all skin types that provides an intensive moisture boost.


Moisture Plus Serum is ideal for any skin that needs extra moisture. It thoroughly hydrates the skin and gives it a fresh and healthy appearance.


Pomegranate and beta vulgaris (chard) extract supply the skin with ultimate moisture. This formula enhances moisture distribution and enables moisture to be retained longer in the skin.


Apply to the face, neck and décolleté mornings and/or evenings after cleansing. Follow with treatment cream specific to skin type.

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The best Moisture Plus Serum are a beauty product that is meant to keep your skin healthy. These serums consist of many nutrients, glycerin, ceramides, vitamins and other natural ingredients. These serums also include having the ability to penetrate deep into the different layers of skin so that you can get the best results. Serums are quite different than most other beauty products out there; they have a higher concentration of the active ingredients combined and typically will come in the form of a creamy gel. This way the serums use silicones, which allow the skin to absorb all the supplements, without the greasy feeling afterward. Using these serums is one thing, but the way you apply the serums is the most important part. To get the most out of your result, include the serums in your daily beauty routine. You will only want to use a small amount to start with, adding more only if need be. To start your process, you need to cleanse your face, following with an alcohol-free toner; you want to leave the area slightly moist with the toner before you apply your serum. This will allow the ingredients involved to penetrate deep into your skin. Once your serum has been completely absorbed, you can then move onto using your moisturizer. If you follow these steps and continue this process every day, you will see that using the best face serums might be the right choice for you.

Consider Face Serum Benefits before Using It

Using the best face serum on your skin daily can get tedious, but the results are totally worth it. The highly concentrated serum uses its high levels of nourishing ingredients to help restore the moisture within your skin, and also improve the elasticity of your skin. This isn't the only thing benefited from using serums, while this keeps your skin moisturized; it also regulates your natural oil production. The most common benefits found with most people include:
• Facial hydration
• Brighter Skin
• Improved Nourishment
• Acne Prevention and more
These serums are very powerful and help your skin in many ways. There's also a chance that it will contribute to strengthening your skin cells. Not only do the serums benefit you in many ways, but it also is very easy to apply, and process involved in the application isn't a long one either. Now that you understand the benefits of using the best face serums, you can now start your new beauty regime.