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SUSTAINABILITY OF CONVICTION For BABOR, sustainability is part of the corporate philosophy. Find out more about our beliefs, gain insights into our sustainable actions and indulge in lasting memories with us.
WE WANT TO MAKE SKINCARE THAT IS GOOD FOR OUR SKIN AND OUR PLANET. Based on decades of experience, we question sustainability standards just as we question every new recipe. BABOR is part of a family business that believes in transparency, outstanding quality and the highest sustainable standards. This is the guideline that BABOR has followed for more than 60 years.
  • That's why we build on our heritage as “bio-medical cosmetics”.
  • That’s why we produce in an “All Electric Factory”.
  • That's why we question every single recipe.
  • This also includes the honesty of not doing everything perfectly.
  • We believe in moving forward – even when the road is rocky.
  • The future needs confidence.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 50%
  • Clean standard for all BABOR Skincare products
“All Electric Factory”: Energy self-sufficient factory
Trust is our top priority. As the owner family, it is particularly important to us to be transparent about what we do and to clarify our goals. Always striving to become even better."ISABEL BONACKER (CO-OWNER)
SUSTAINABILITY AS A FAMILY TRADITION “The company was founded as bio-medical cosmetics. That was in 1956 when the topic of sustainability was anything but “en vogue,” says co-owner Isabel Bonacker. “The belief that sustainability in all its facets is important for the success of the company is firmly anchored.”The company was ahead of its time on several occasions: in the 1990s, the BABOR brand launched a refill jar, took care of waste management and water microfiltration at a time when sustainability was laughed at. More than 10 years ago, the region's first e-charging station stood in front of the headquarters in Aachen. Today there are more than 60 charging stations at the headquarters, employees charge for free and the company has a 100% e-car policy.“We don’t work for short-term profit, but also for the success of the next generation,” says Isabel Bonacker. “As a family business, we believe in the power of sustainable business – or to put it another way: in future-proofing. We’re not perfect, we don’t succeed in everything right away, but we are 110% committed.”
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