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Our Experts Discuss the Benefits of Exfoliating EnzymesMUST HAVE INGREDIENT: ENZYMESBABOR TeamMay 28, 2021 Benefits of Enzyme Skincare

Enzymes are proteins that act as a catalyst for a chemical reaction. When applied to the skin, these enzymes quickly break down the keratin protein, which is a bond that keeps dead skin cells together on the skin’s surface. This top layer is then able to shed, revealing a smoother, softer layer of skin. Enzyme exfoliants are highly effective yet gentle on the skin and therefore suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. They offer a great alternative to granular / physical scrubs or chemical exfoliators such as glycolic and other AHA’s.  

BABOR'S Innovative Enzyme Cleansing Series 

For those who love using AHA’s, but may be sensitive prone or during the summer months, The Enzyme Peel Balm is the perfect option. It is a mild but effective alternative to alpha-hydroxy fruit acids. It delivers the same exfoliation benefits as it removes dead skin cells and reveals younger-looking skin. When water is added, the balm transforms into a milky emulsion that melts on the skin, instantly triggering the keratolytic action of the enzymes leaving a visibly refined, radiant complexion. In addition it contains a Lipo Alpha hydroxy acid, which results in slower chemical activity and a gentler exfoliation experience. It also contains Green Algae, which helps to protect the skin barrier and even skin tone.

In den WarenkorbDOCTOR BABOREnzyme Peel BalmEnzyme – Water – Action – Glow! The REFINE RX ENZYME PEELING BALM exfoliates... $55.00*

For those looking for an alternative to a granular scrub, the Enzyme Cleanser is a fine-grained cleansing and exfoliating powder with vitamin C and Subtilisin & Lipase, which are natural enzymes found in the skin. They are water activated and help remove dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, revitalized complexion. To use the Enzyme Cleanser, simply pour a little powder in the palm of your hand. Add water, work up a lather and apply thoroughly to the face, neck and décolleté. Rinse off with plenty of water. It’s a great option to use in the morning for oily skin types or in hot humid environment during the summer months as it [provides a matt, clear fresh complexion. It can be used 1 – 3 times per week according to the needs of the skin.

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