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What is Clean Beauty?


By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about beauty’s fastest growing trend, Clean Beauty. But what is it exactly? Clean Beauty refers to skincare, makeup, and hair care products that cut out any ingredient that is either known or suspected to be harmful to both people and the planet. You may wonder why some brands would include such toxic and potentially dangerous ingredients in their formulations, and we do too, but nevertheless, they still remain common place in many conventional beauty products.


But more and more of us today are becoming smarter and more educated about the things we put in and on our bodies. Living a clean and healthy lifestyle is becoming increasing more important. With natural and organic food, increased exercise, and alternative ways to reduce stress and anxiety continuing to grow in popularity, we are now looking at what exactly is in that eye cream anyway? Soon the days of undisclosed business practices might be a thing of the past and transparency and safety standards may become the norm.





"Actually,"clean" is not that new - at least not for BABOR."

 -Andrea Weber, Head of Research & Development

For BABOR, clean beauty is not just a fleeting trend, it is built into our DNA. As a German based company, we are proud to adhere to, and even exceed in some cases, the strict standards the European Union has placed on cosmetics. In the United States only 11 cosmetic ingredients are currently banned by the FDA, while the E.U. includes over 1,300 ingredients on their banned list.


Our staff of 20 in house scientists carefully curate each formula that is produced right in our own sustainable manufacturing facilities in our headquarters in Aachen, Germany. This allows us to maintain our strict standards of quality and safety in each luxurious cream, serum, and cleanser produced.





Yes! We no longer have to choose between clean and effective. At BABOR, we created new CLEANFORMANCE from DOCTOR BABOR, the first collection of clean cosmeceuticals that combines clean beauty, plant-based ingredients and the powerful precision formulas of DOCTOR BABOR. We believe clean beauty products should not only be safe, but also make no compromises on quality, efficacy, and luxury. CLEANFORMANCE promises luxurious and sensorial textures, natural fragrances, and equally important, products that actually work.






Since cosmetics in the United States are still minimally regulated, many retailers have created their own lists of clean beauty standards such as “Clean at Sephora” and “The Dirty List” from Credo. BABOR, as leaders with more than 60 years-experience in research and development, have determined our own set of standards that meet and/or exceed leading beauty authorities. 




CLEANFORMANCE stands for maximum reliability, maximum performance, and maximum transparency.

All vegan, dermatologist-tested formulations are:

  • Paraben-free

  • Phlatate-free

  • Sulfate-free

  • Gluten-free

  • Silicone-free

  • Mineral oil free

  • Microplastic-free

  • Synthetic fragrance free

  • PEG free

  • Non-GMO

  • Lactose-free

  • Talc-free




The power behind CLEANFORMANCE is the inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics, to help balance and restore the skin’s microbiome for a radiant, healthy-looking glow. The line as contains sustainably sourced Red Maple Bark from the Quebec Forest with powerful antioxidant benefits to improve skin’s elasticity and resilience, while Phyto CBD calms the skin with essential fatty acids to hydrate and regenerate.

With our safehigh-performance, and cosmeceutical formulations BABOR is committed to using ingredients that either directly benefit the health of your skin or support the integrity of their formulation. 

BABOR is also committed to complete transparency. On the back of each CLEANFORMANCE box is a list of each ingredient as well as what they do. We only include ingredient the serve a purpose, no more no less.





The distinctive scent of BABOR products originates from a blend of natural and nature identical fragrance molecules. All our product formulas and safe. BABOR performs a safety assessment for each and every product to ensure safe formulas with maximum tolerance.




Many of us use the terms clean beauty, natural beauty, and green beauty interchangeably. But each has its own meaning. For instance, Clean Beauty refers to products that are typically made up of natural ingredients but may also incorporate synthetics that have been deemed safe for people and the planet. Natural Beauty refers to products that contain plant-based ingredients sourced from nature. And finally, Green Beauty refers to products that include organic or natural from sustainable & renewable resources.


At BABOR we believe in combining both natural and non-toxic synthetic advanced ingredients in a sustainable good for you and the planet way. Our extensive lab research creates the safest, most effective, and high-performance skincare available. And as of January 2020, BABOR is proudly 100% climate neutral: we offset more carbon than we use by investing in renewable energy and various reforestation projects. We strive to operate the most eco-conscious cosmetics company and green manufacturing facilities in the world and are committed to a 30% plastic usage reduction by 2023.

It may seem logical that all Clean Beauty products are eco-friendly, but this isn’t the case. Many of the packaging used by the cosmetics industry worldwide is not made with recycled material, is not recyclable, or biodegradable. Our CLEANFORMANCE collection uses tubes made from 30% recycled plastic, recyclable glass jars, and boxes made with 80% recycled paper from a sustainable forest containing the FSC seal. And because BABOR produces CO2 neutral, CLEANFORMANCE is one of the most sustainable skincare collections available today.






CLEANFORMANCE combines BABOR’s commitment to transparency, sustainable production and packaging, and highly effective natural ingredients.

If you want a healthy glow without compromise add CLEANFORMANCE by DOCTOR BABOR into your skincare routine. It includes a complete collection to cleanse, treat, and moisturize your skin.

Discover which products are right for you by learning more HERE. Or book a complimentary virtual consultation with one of our BABOR Estheticians via video chat or text.

Safe. Performance. Made in Germany. 


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