• extra-firming foam mask
  • extra-firming foam mask
  • extra-firming foam mask
extra-firming foam mask

HSR lifting

extra-firming foam mask

Contents: 75 ml

Luxurious moisturizing foam mask with unique anti-wrinkle effect


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A luxurious moisturizing anti-wrinkle foam mask suitable for all skin types.
Effect: It gives skin a smoother appearance and helps firm the contours.

It gives skin a smoother appearance and firms the contours.

Three highly effective active cosmetic ingredients combined in the HSR Lifting Integral Complex, create a convincing, deeply hydrating anti-wrinkle effect

Apply once or twice a week to the face, neck and décolleté, after cleansing. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes to take effect.

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Facial Masks Offer Spa Like Benefits along with Amazing Reviews

Benefits of Skin Care Facial Masks, Peel Off Mask Online & Reviews

Skincare extra-firming foam mask can provide advantages and rewards of a facial that you would receive at the spa, right at home. There are a variety of facial masks that you can choose from, and each will come with their purposes and benefits.
Using a skin care facial mask is part of a great skin care routine. You will be able to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and vibrant by implementing the use of a mask. Facial masks are made to blanket your skin, and the active ingredients are then able to penetrate your skin better than facial cleansers can. Depending on the type of mask that you choose, it can do the following:
• Draw impurities out of the skin
• Eliminate dead skin cells
• Tighten skin
• Tone skin
Facial masks should be applied to clean skin, and they should be left on for around ten to fifteen minutes. However, the time that the mask is left on for can vary and there are even overnight masks that you can use.

Discover the Variety of Best Skin Care Masks Available

You will have multiple options when it comes to choosing the best skin care mask for you and your skin.
The masks that you will be able to choose from will include the following:
• Clay masks- Made with kaolin clay which is a natural component in soil. This clay is great at the following:
o Absorbing oil
o Drawing out impurities
o Drawing out dirt that
o Removing dead skin cells
Clay masks target oilier areas on the skin and are best with skin that is prone to acne.
• Hydrating masks- These masks help soothe, nourish and, intensely moisturize your skin. These are perfect for all kinds of skin types.

• Firming and anti-aging masks- These makes help skin that needs a reboot and detoxes skin. This mask helps with the following:
o Wrinkles
o Loss of firmness
These are also ideal for all skin types
• Tissue masks- This mask has cutouts for eyes, nose, and lips and is saturated with a hydrating serum and contains Vitamin C which helps brighten skin.
• Sleeping masks-You would apply this mask right before you go to bed. It is perfect for hydrating your skin and comes with many benefits. When you wake up, you will have skin that is refreshed, vibrant, and hydrated.
We can help you find the facial mask that is best for you.