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Refining Enzyme & Vitamin C CleanserRefining Enzyme & Vitamin C CleanserRefining Enzyme & Vitamin C CleanserRefining Enzyme & Vitamin C Cleanser
Refining Enzyme & Vitamin C Cleanser 40 g Article number: 401673 Skin type: pale skin, Acne-prone skinSkin concern: Cleansing, even complexion 2-in-1 enzyme-based cleansing and peeling powder. The fine cleansing and exfoliating powder for every skin type with an enzyme-activated keratolytic effect. Effectively removes dirt particles, excess sebum, and dead skin cells. More info $40.00ADD TO CARTADD TO CARTSpend just another $50.00 to qualify for free shipping!Available ADD TO CARTADD TO CART
Refining Enzyme & Vitamin C Cleanser | $40.00 / 40 g
400 b.points More info
Product description A fine cleansing and exfoliating powder cleanser for every skin type with an enzyme-activated keratolytic effect. Results The two-in-one powder cleanses and exfoliates in one step: Thanks to the keratolytic effect, dead skin particles, dirt, and sebum are effectively removed by enzymes. The gentle exfoliating effect revitalizes the skin. Protein extract from the moringa seed protects the skin from negative urban environmental factors. The vitamin C in the product makes skin radiate. Benefit For silky soft skin that’s been cleansed deep into the pores and a visibly radiant, toned, and refined complexion.
Subsequent skincare can be optimally absorbed.
How To Use Use as often as once a day for cleansing. Put some powder in the palm of your hand and gently work into a lather with warm water. Apply the foam to dry skin on the face, neck, and décolleté. Avoid mucous membranes and the mouth and eye areas. Moisten fingertips with cool water and work the foam into a lather in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of warm water.

Alternatively, or if you have sensitive or dry skin, use it as a gentle exfoliant once or twice a week.

May also be used as a body scrub once to twice a week. To do this, work the powder into a lather in the palm of your hand, apply to damp skin, and thoroughly massage into the skin in circular motions. Avoid mucous membranes. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of warm water afterwards.
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RESULTS FROM TEST SUBJECTS98%confirm that their complexion feels smoother and looks more radiant.*95%confirm that their complexion looks fresher.*90%conform that their skin looks cleaner and clearer.*90%confirm that their skin appears more refined.*93%conform that their skin looks cleaner and clearer.**98%confirm that their complexion feels smoother and looks more radiant.**** Independent study - self-evaluation test one application (41 subjects)* *Independent study - self-evaluation test 5 applications (41 subjects)* **Independent study – self-evaluation test after 5 applications at intervals of 2–3 days (40 women)


The ingredients are listed in descending order calculated by volume in accordance with the mandatory labeling requirements.

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